Learn More About Day-Trading Strategies

We found a few trading strategies that are commonly recommended or used by experienced day traders:

Breakout: A breakout strategy refers to a sizable fluctuation, or a breakout, on a stock price that has been relatively still for a prolonged time. For example, if a stock has been between $30 and $31 for three weeks and suddenly you notice it’s either dipping or rising dramatically, it might be a good time to trade. That volatility should be enticing to a day trader.

Scalping: Scalping means you sell your stock immediately after the trade becomes profitable. This isn’t too complex in terms of when to sell; it’s an easy way to get your feet wet with day trading. Scalping is also referred to as taking advantage of “the spread,” because traders are profiting off the difference between the sellers asking price and the buyer’s offer.

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Momentum: Momentum trading is based on trending news and information. Whether it’s a new earnings report or different breaking news, day traders use news events to project rising and falling stocks. This requires a good bit of research to do well, but it’s still a good option for beginners.

Fade: Fading is acting contrary to the prevailing trend that is apparent in the market. It is a high-risk strategy that bets against conventional wisdom. Is everyone investing in a stock you expect to go belly up? Why not short it at its peak? The risk, of course, is that conventional wisdom can be a potent factor in the stock market.
There are many other strategies and nuances you can implement as you become more adept at day trading.

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