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Hello, clients and investors of FXBANK project! Our project is already working 10 days online.
This news doesn't carry any specific content. Now we often receive inquiries why we do not publish our detailed Forex trading statements on the website, so we have decided to explain why this is so. The fact that our trading strategy refers to materials with copyright, we very long and hard developed it before launch of the project and now company's traders do not plan to make this information public. However, we're planning to write about the news of our project and to share with you some current results in the future. Communication with customers is very important for us and we will try to prove it. Our project is already working 10 days online. This is good indicator, given the fact that more than 2,500 people became our clients during this time. more
Mar-26-2015 12:03:45 PM

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Welcome to FOREX BANK Ltd!

Nowadays, Forex trading is the most popular direction of financial and investment activity, which not only brings higher income, but also allows becoming a full participant in the market by investing and cooperating with trading companies and pursuing a policy of diversification of risks. This is achieved through a large set of trading tools, professional traders and an active development of methods of electronic funds transfer (notable payment processors, cryptocurrencies etc.).

Our company, FX Bank Limited, not only has a wealth of experience in the financial trading, but also developed own breakeven trading system with high-yield capabilities. This allows us to manage our financial assets so efficiently that we began to feel the need to attract funds from investors in the trust management. That is why we have developed and implemented a profitable online platform on for those investors who seek the most efficient use of their money and who want to get the best possible financial result in a short time.

FX Bank Limited has all the necessary qualities to become a leader in the investment field. We offer a selection of one or even several investment strategies for a period of one to forty days. Investors' funds are part of the deposits in the world's best and largest brokerage companies and dealing centers. Our team consists of more than twenty highly qualified specialists in the field of financial risk management as well as professional traders with extensive long-term experience in the foreign exchange markets and also stock market. All of our employees have specialized education and constantly improve their trading skills, they take an active part in the organization of thematic exhibitions and forums dedicated to Forex trading.

Our analytical experts can easily predict the volatility of the main financial instruments to trading. That is why in our arsenal we have more than a dozen main currency pairs; we are also focusing on trade in metals. By following own rules of risk management and observing the principles of money management, we're trading not only confidently, but also profitable. The currency pairs that we traditionally use are the most popular on the market: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CHF and less likely we use the so-called currency cross pairs.

We are confident that the FX Bank Limited is one of the few companies that fully meets the necessary requirements of investors and shows excellent performance results when working in the Forex market with high volatility. Our strategy involves intraday trading, so all of our orders are short, and therefore have a low risk of loss. Currently we are pleased to invite everyone to check the quality of our trade and become our loyal client as investor.


Why our investment plans are offering such low income rate? That’s why:

1. First of all, FXBank project is not included in the category of so-called economic or financial games. Our company is officially registered and operates absolutely legit: WHY FXBANK ?

2. Second, we’re sure that such low income rate and guaranteed investment mean zero risk. Is it not that what we're always so hardly looking for?


Company Address: 31, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB6 0DW, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 2033895075

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